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Company History

Year Details
  • Supplied and Operating 2000 GPS Radiosonde and Ground Stations in Korea.
  • Supplied and Installed 1350 Automatic Raingauge System in India.
  • Supplied and Operating 87 AWS in Thailand.
  • Supplied and Operating 20 AWS in Pakistan.
  • Supplied and Operating 40 AWS in Indonesia.
  • Supplied and Operating 2000 AWS in Indonesia.
  • Moved the Headquarter to Ansung-city
  • The AMOS business of Gum Gang Mt. And Kaesung industrial complex.
  • Certification of INNO-BIZ
  • Scientific service for KMA Observational Environmental Grading Assessment
  • Establishing the development work of Software for KMA Observational Environment Grading Assessment
  • Acquisition of Information Telecommunication Business
  • Certification of JDL-740A, JY-750A CE (Det Norske Veritas)
  • Certification of the ISO 9001:2000 (Det Norske Veritas)
  • Got a citation by the national defense for localization of weather observation equipment and the improvement of quality
  • Building the Earning Warning System For Local Severe Weather
  • Private Weather Forecasting Co. authorized by the Government.
  • Certification of the ISO 9002.(Det Norske Veritas)
  • Certification of the ISO 9001.(Det Norske Veritas)
  • Decorated by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency in recognition of prevention of the industrial calamity
  • Got a citation by the Ministry of Science for development of the weather service
  • Got a citation by the national defense for the improvement of weather observation system
  • Mr. Young-Ho Han was inaugurated a new President of the Company
  • Decorated by the Ministry of Labor in recognition of prevention of the industrial calamity for 4317 days
  • Designated by the government as the chain of the national defense related Industry to supply the national defense related merchandise in the capacity of exclusive supplier to the government.
  • Got a presidential citation for promotion of scientific industry.
  • The Weather observed around the Seoul Asian Game stadium
  • The Weather Observed around the Seoul Olympic stadium
  • Developed AWOS
  • Established the Environment Science Institute
  • Decorated by the Labor Ministry in recognition of prevention of the industrial calamity for 2000 days
  • Nominated as a major national defense industrial company.
  • Technical cooperation with BL1 in U.S.A for Microsondes manufacturing
  • Developed measurement system for air stability
  • Built the second plant in Seongnam-city