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Ground Station

GL-5000P Ground Station Leaflet Download

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Operation
  • Easy system configuration and operation
  • Digital data transmission and processing
  • Flexible modular design and high reliability
  • Near real time and graphical data display

GL-5000P is a state-of-the-art ground system for upper air sounding. Temperature, humidity, and pressure values are acquired via the precision sensors attached by a radiosonde to a free flying balloon. Wind speed and wind direction data are acquired through the use of GPS over 30Km height from the ground. The GL-5000P system software offers complete automatic data acquisition, graphic and text display of all calculated meteorological parameters as well as compatible with WMO message. Automatic selection of significant and standard levels, automatic generation of tactical message, the real time display of all the reduced and raw Radiosonde data, and the complete archiving of all the reduced and raw Radiosonde data are processed by the sounding system software. The system consists of a ground receiver, antenna, radiosonde ground checker and computer.