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Automatic Agricultural Weather System

Automatic agricultural weather system is designed to observe the weather related to agriculture. It is the automatic system to observe the agricultural weather and manage the transmitted/observed data. For Getting the accurate and reliable weather data, the Agricultural weather system will monitor the agricultural weather in real time.

Automatic Agricultural Weather System is comprised of sensors, Remote Terminal Unit, Weather data processing system, Weather data indicator and accessories. Sensors are Wind direction, Wind Speed Temperature, Grass temperature, Underground temperature, Underwater temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, Rainfall Detector, Pyranometer, Sunshine duration, Evaporation, Soil moisture sensor, etc. to observe converts the data from each sensor into meteorological physical quantity and transmits the data to Data Processing System. By Data Processing System collects and analyzes the weather data, it is possible to monitor a change in the weather with the real-time graph and process the work automatically like generating a weather statistical chart.