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Road Weather Information System

The road weather is affected by topography. since many bridges and tunnels are recently constructed, observing the road weather, such as a strong wind and a fog, is very important.
Road Weather Information System is designed to automatically measure the status of the road surface, temperature, wind, etc. and transmit the data to the observatory for safe driving.

This system is comprised of sensor, Remote Terminal Unit (R.T.U) and accessories. RTU is comprised of Data Logger, Backup power, Atmospheric pressure sensor, Lightening protection system and Uninterruptible Power Supply. Weather sensors sense the weather status around the road and RTU converts data transmitted from each sensor into meteorological physical quantity and transmits it to weather data processing system. The data transmitted to the main server are indicated on display unit.
user can easily observe the weather data transmitted from each sensor installed on the road and know the weather status of the road and the malfunction of the system.